Top 3 Recovery Hacks!

The recovery hacks you’ve all been waiting for…‍
By SOAR Health & Performance
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August 22, 2022
Top 3 Recovery Hacks!

The recovery hacks you’ve all been waiting for…

1. Stress management

2. Nutrition

3. Sleep

Yep, it’s really that simple, and there are no real hacks.

You knew that, though.

In order to recover optimally from workouts you need to manage your stress. Exercise is a stressor and if you have too much life stress already, it’s going to make it that much harder to recover from working out.

Nutrition plays another huge role. You break down your muscles and deplete energy storage by working out, so if you don’t properly refuel (eating high quality, mostly whole foods), there’s nothing in your system to replenish what’s been used.

Sleep is probably the most obvious one, but the one many people ignore the most. All the recovery and regeneration of cells happen when you sleep.

If you’re not managing stress and eating well, sleep becomes difficult.

The hacks to improving your health and longevity are most often the things you already know you need to be doing.

Pay attention to the simple things and do them REALLY well!

Signs you can look for to make sure you're not under recovering from your exercise routine:

-You feel tired all the time

-You lack motivation/excitement

-You're frequently getting sick

-Your body is always sore (soreness is NOT an indicator of a good workout)

-You're frequently in a bad mood

Do an audit of how you're feeling every so often to make sure you're properly recovering from the activity and strain you're putting on your body!

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