Progress, Not Perfection

Perfection is the enemy.The problem with perfect is it’s hard to achieve… and REALLY hard to achieve all the time. 
By SOAR Health & Performance
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April 3, 2023
Progress, Not Perfection

Perfection is the enemy.

The problem with perfect is it’s  hard to achieve… and REALLY hard to achieve all the time. 

We see this with our clients or prospective clients.

Whether it’s diet or exercise or new habits they are trying to form, they aim for perfection, and when they don’t achieve it, they quit or start over as if nothing had been accomplished.

This is an extremely backwards way of looking at a health journey. It’s a journey for a reason, and the journey continues as long as you’re alive.

When we are looking to create new habits, the key is to start small. Picking something that feels very attainable and sustainable is always going to be better than trying to be 100% perfect.

For example, if you barely drink any water throughout the day, going from maybe 16oz of water to 80oz of water overnight (literally) and expecting that to last is unlikely to happen. 

Going from 16oz to 24 or 32oz is much more achievable. When you’re able to hit that consistently (not perfect, but consistent), then you can bump it up again.

The same goes for something like walking or eating more fruits and vegetables, or exercising.

The first step is setting an achievable goal and trying to be consistent with that step, and then we move the goal posts.

When it comes to your health journey, little deposits over time REALLY add up.

Doing something will always be better than nothing.

And most importantly, consistency, NOT perfection, is key.

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