Drink More Water...No, Seriously!

We all know that water is important, this isn’t news, but here are some quick facts water and our bodies that you may not know!
By SOAR Health & Performance
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July 24, 2022
Drink More Water...No, Seriously!

We all know that water is important, this isn’t news to anyone. It’s the very thing that our body is made up of!

Besides just knowing that you should drink water, and being hydrated is important (and being dehydrated isn’t good), do you really know the benefits of drinking water?

Here are some quick facts about the way water impacts our body that you may not know about:

  1. Drinking water is important to cushion your joints. In your joints, you have what's called synovial fluid. It lubricates and cushions your joints and cartilage to help prevent them from rubbing together. When you have a decrease in synovial fluid, joints can get damaged. As we age, this naturally happens, so proper hydration is extremely important when it comes to joint health!
  2. Proper hydration improves healthy brain function. Water carries nutrients to your brain! Conversely, it helps to clear out toxins and waste. If dehydrated, the effects result in slower decision making and slower overall cognitive function.
  3. Water aids in digestion. Water helps to break down food so your body can actually absorb the nutrients it needs. Additionally, it helps to keep the food moving (and coming out the other end), so that it doesn’t result in constipation.
  4. It regulates your body temperature. Especially if you’re active, and even if you’re not (it’s a bajillion degrees outside!), water that sits in the middle layer of skin comes to the surface as sweat, evaporates, and cools us to help regulate our body temp!
  5. It gets rid of waste. All of the bodily functions we have that rid our body of waste/toxins require water!

At SOAR, we talk A LOT about stress, diet, and sleep with our clients. Part of “diet” includes water intake and hydration. Check out the next blog for some tips on staying hydrated now that you know the importance and effect it has on your body!

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